This project was brought to the VCU Brandcenter by Microsoft, they briefed in four cross discipline teams on the ask below. The work below was selected as the winning pitch.

The Ask

Identify the best brand usage for the Continuum program. A program that simulates a PC-like experience from any Microsoft phone that is continuum enabled to any screen.

The Problem

The mobile phone market is highly socially focused and consumer driven but Microsoft phones struggle to compete  in this space. Even though they have  a mobile portfolio filled with successful tools and services they are not viewed as a mobile social platform, because of this Microsoft has traditionally focused on large enterprise sales.


Broker large enterprise sales by driving positive consumer sentiment about Microsoft technology. Make Continuum the reason people buy Microsoft phones, the same way Siri or Itunes drove consumers to the Iphone.

Play to Microsofts strengths: business technology + enterprising solutions.


 Put Continuum in the hands of people who could really use it:

Business travelers.


Make Continuum the key to a seamless work experience even when you are not at work.


The world is your desktop.

Tag: Business Uninterupted

We wanted to bring this concept to life in two different ways:

First, we wanted to brand Continuum the program itself, refresh it's logo and give it a face that people could relate to and understand. Think of Intel and the sticker they place on computers across the country as an example of this.  

Continuum logo_110616-01.png
Continuum logo_110616-03.png

Second,  we wanted to explain to the users how Continuum really worked and how it could make their lives easier. To do that we created a streamlined on-boarding video that would play when activating the Continuum app on their Microsoft phone. In the on-boarding video we suggest that the fully realized use of Continuum would be to partner with an airline and offer a fully immersive work experience on a plane.

Business Travel-Use Case

After creating an on-boarding experience for the business travel we wanted to take a look at how Continuum could fit into different steps of the business man journey. Below is the exploration of how Continuum could create the ultimate business man journey.


Cocktail Napkins

Plane Wraps